Triton Electronics provide the following services:

Complete material procurement with material tracebility

Trusted component sources, good day-to-day relationship with all major distributors - this is what we can offer to our customers, and it shows in the component prices, and delivery times.

All materials we purchase has unique identifers with a barcode. Based on this barcode, all produced boards can be traced back to the individual components used in the production. This is an added bonus to all customers.

SMT mounting

We have three SMD mounting lines, all are ROHS certified. These line can mount from small components (0201) to large BGA chips, with an actual mounting speed of 14500 components per hour. We have the following SMT machinery:

  • Semiautomatic EKRA printers with camera control
  • Assembloen Opal II (Yamaha/Philips) SMT machines
  • Heller reflow oven with 2*7 zones

Wave soldering

For volume THT soldering, Triton Electronics has two wave soldering machines with spray fluxers and double waves. We use custom-made and CNC stencils to provide ROHS-certified selective wave soldering services.

Hand soldering

We have 25 trained employees to solder THT components. Fine-pitch THT components are soldered under microscopes. Soldering residues can be removed by various processes, including a high capacity Framgraber ultrasonic cleaner.

AOI testing

A Landrex Optima 7100 machine provides Automatic Optical Inspection of the assembled boards. This inline machine has 5 cameras, and ensures that the boards are free from assembling ans soldering problems.

ICT Testing

Our in-circuit tester uses fix adapters to check the assembled boards, the maxium number of test points on the PCB are 120. If your require ICT testing for yor product, please contact us for adapter and programming costs. If the board to be tested is currently under development, please consult us to optimize the PCB for ICT.

Mechanical assembly

PCB design

Custom packaging